Acharya Gurukula Vidyakendra
Rules and Regulations

  • The first bell and the school bell will be given 10 minutes and 5 minutes respectively before the commencement of each session. As soon as the first bell is given no student should remain outside the class room.
  • Students are expected to maintain silence in their classroom during working hours at the end of each period and while teachers change classes.
  • No students should leave the class room without the permission of the teacher. In case there is any urgent need for a student to leave the class room he or she should do so only with permission of the teacher who will engage the next period.
  • Punctuality and regular attendance are essential. Leave of absence must be secured by a letter signed by the parent or guardians before it is availed off. Students who take leave without permission will not be allowed to sit in the class room.
  • The names of those who get absent themselves without leave for more than two weeks will be scored out of rolls. In case of long absence owing to illness the parents or the guardians should inform the Principal or Headmistress of the fact as early as possible and then produce a medical Certificate at the time of child rejoining.
  • Students are expected to convey only in English in School.
  • No Students is allowed to wear jewels or to be in any kind of make-up in the school campus.
  • The use of bad language and behavior is out of place in this institution.
  • No books magazines or other literature not related to study at school should be in the student's possession.
  • No student will be allowed to leave the school premises during school hours without the permission of the Head Mistress / Head Master or the Principal.
  • Students are themselves responsible for the safety of their books fountain pens, watches, tiffin carriers, bicycles etc., which they bring to the school.
  • If the students eat their meals in the classroom they must leave the place as clean as was before, wrappers leaves etc., must be dropped in the garbage bins provided in the campus.
  • Irregular attendance habitual idleness neglect of homework, disobedience, disrespect towards member of school staff, immoral conduct, theft, any school regulation, smoking, drinking, against government orders or joining any political group or undesirable movements in the school justify suspension or even dismissal.
  • Parents who seek information or who wish to make suggestion should meet the principal.
  • Parents are not allowed to meet the teachers during the class hours.
  • School tour is compulsory.
  • Acharya Gurukula Vidyakendra