Acharya Gurukula Vidyakendra
About Us

AGVK reaching modern thinking through traditional path. AGVK is child centric English medium co-educational school committed to provide scholastic and co scholastic activities with at most importance. Children take learning as a part of daily life, Children see learning as a playground, a sandbox where they can create whatever they want. Child prefers to play a lot and explore new things this is the nature of every child. Children love to learn, while adults see learning as a textbook in the classroom. They become more stressful they start studying for marks and percentage rather enjoy the learning process. Focus is on marks but not on learning new things and the child starts hatred towards subject and stop thinking beyond. As a result, children will have short memory, they forget very soon.

At AGVK we believe in implanting in the child the zeal of learning so that they remember everything for the rest of their life. Every child has the power to do anything and everything.

  • We are committed to educate young minds to prosper in this ever evolving competitive world.
  • We provide opportunities with holistic approach where pupils are encouraged to achieve their fullest potentials.
  • We believe education is the manifestation of perfection present already in man as said by Vivekananda. Education is not just exploring subjects but exploring oneself.
  • School is more than just a place where children go to study. We create homely environment where your child’s body, mind, heart and soul is immersed in the school environment.
  • Education is now within the reach of every people. So come explore the greatness of your child at AGVK and join hands with us in creating a world class personality.
  • We assure that every little bird blooms to a strong individual.
  • Acharya Gurukula Vidyakendra